Benefits of Turmeric for Dogs

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It may seem unusual giving your dog turmeric, however, the benefits of turmeric for dogs are many. Several herbs are not considered normal for pet use, but turmeric has been shown to provide so many health benefits to the canine friend. These include joint pain and memory issues your dog may experience in its old age.

The benefits of turmeric for dogs

  • Pain: it is no secret that all dogs are susceptible to developing arthritis. Turmeric is one herb that can help manage this condition due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It is at the top of the list of all natural remedies for stiff joints.
  • Blood clots: the curcumin in this herb is a blood thinner making it an essential component for minimizing risks for blood clots and reducing the levels of cholesterol. Even though the cholesterol in dogs is not an issue in dogs as much as it affects humans, but can lead to heart problems.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS): curcumin also plays a role in stimulating bile production which aids in proper food digestion as it helps break down dietary fats for optimum absorption. Underweight, nursing or pregnant dogs require more fat, therefore, turmeric can help in reaching this requirement.
  • Cancer: There are studies that show that turmeric could play a role in fighting cancer in dogs. Its antioxidant properties help prevent the development of cancer in dogs and is known to shut down the blood vessels feeding cancer cells.
  • Dementia: dogs suffering from this memory loss condition can benefit from using turmeric in their diet.


The Top 3 Turmeric for Dogs Options on the Market

1) Amazing Turmeric for Dogs Curcumin Pet Antioxidant, 120 Chews
This pet antioxidant is excellent for dogs. It tastes great and is made into small chewable tablets that your dog will love. The tablets are beef and bacon flavoured to be used as dog treats. It is recommended for dogs with sensitive stomachs who hate pills. The tablet includes vitamins, probiotics, Omega 3 oil, chondroitin, glucosamine and does not require any refrigeration.

The turmeric for dogs product is made in the USA, has no allergies and is 100% safe for your dog. If your dog is prone to allergies, then this is the best source of turmeric. It contains no corn, wheat, grains, soy, crab, shrimp, gluten, eggs, potato or shark.

The custom formulation provides full nutritional value to your little puppies or adult dogs. Make your dog healthy and feel good with this chewable turmeric anti-oxidant supplement for healthy liver, heart, brain and joints. It will treat inflammation, pain, rheumatoid arthritis and hip dysplasia relief for the dog. Give your dog this supplement for total wellness and immune support for all dog ages.
It is easy to adjust dosage based on the weight of the animal and the condition you want to treat. In case there is no significant improvement in the health if your dog after 28 days, you will get a full refund and you still get to keep the bottle.

The 120 tablets bottle is available for a limited time offer of $50.

2) All-Natural Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs
This turmeric for dogs supplement is made of human grade ingredients making it very safe for the canine. It contains organic turmeric, chondroitin, glucosamine, and MSM in a chewable tablet in a beef flavor. This gives your dog a lovely treat while helping improve its health. Even the dogs which hate tablets will love this one due to the flavor.

This supplement helps revitalize the dog’s cartilage and joint. The glucosamine helps in repair and support of cartilage and joints, therefore, helping in the retention of flexibility. MSM in the tablet soothes inflammations and brings pain relief for dogs with arthritis. This formulation is backed by science to improve the health of dogs holistically. It detoxifies the liver, improves heart health and relieves allergies. It also kills parasites and treats stomach conditions while helping in weight management.

This product has 100% money back guarantee. In case it does not show benefits to your dog as hoped, you can get your full payment back. The turmeric for dogs supplements bottle costs between $55 and $65 retail.

3) Turmeric Hip & Joint Complex for Dogs with Glucosamine
For an even smaller cost, you can get the bottle containing 120 chewable tablets of turmeric for dogs supplement. It has a customized formula that carefully combines the age old curcumin turmeric with chondroitin, MSM, and glucosamine to provide your dog with the best relief from pain and discomfort. It offers anti-inflammatory and antioxidant help to the dog’s body for improved joint health and relief from arthritis pain therefore significantly improving the mobility for the dog. The formulation aids in cartilage and joint strength and relief of hip dysplasia among other joint conditions.

The tablets are safe for puppies adult and old dogs as it is vet approved. Their beef and liver flavor makes them easy to chew, and the dog will enjoy taking them even if they hate tablets.

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