Best Retractable Dog Leash for Families – Top 6

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Does your dog get totally out of hand when you’re out walking?

Do you choose not to go for walks purely because it’s ‘too hard’?

Let’s face it, traditional leashes suck when it comes to controlling a large or excited dog. 

A retractable dog leash might just be exactly what you need.

Who needs a retractable dog leash?

Well. The first prerequesite to needing the best retractable dog leash is that you own a dog.

If that’s you, give yourself a big tick, you rock!

Retractable dog leashes are particularly useful accessories for people whose dog (or dogs) like to spread out while walking.

A retractable dog leash gives the owner more flexibility and control over their pet. They can also a helpful for training dogs with limited mobility.

As you probably already know, the real problem is that there are so many retractable dog leashes on offer that you
may find it difficult to make a choice.

Read on to see our reviews of what we think are the top 6. Also, if you’re really keen, we have included a buyers guide at the bottom of the article.

Best Retractable Leash Reviews

1. MigooPet Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash

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Lightweight and durable

This is a lightweight and durable retractable walking leash that gives your furry friend freedom while walking while maintaining safety and control. The leash automatically adjusts to your desired leash length and is perfect for everyday use from roaming to long hikes with your pet.

Robust Build Quality

The leash comprises a 16ft robust, durable, and anti-tangle nylon ribbon which
adjusts to your dog’s movements. It comes with a tough ABS plastic casing tht
prevents any cracks due to accidental falls. There’s also a 360° swivel
reinforced chrome-plated snap-hook at its joint for all-round control.

Ergonomically designed handle

The ergonomically designed non-slip handle fits comfortably into your hand,
just like a rubber glove. Its soft rubbery grip material helps reduce hand strain,
which is comfortable for long walks.

Reliable lock system

The leash has a simple, anti-slip locking button. The system comprises of an
upgraded single-handed locking technology for the natural control of your dog.
It smoothly and automatically adjusts to your desired leash length for
maximum power and safety

The U-shaped 360° inlet is useful at preventing any tangles from forming while
retracting the leash. What was even more attractive to us was the unit’s
It comprises of Japanese stainless steel retraction springs which cycle back and
forth as many as 70,000 times. It, in turn, ensures a rust-free environment with
years of reliable use, even in freezing conditions.

What We Like

We liked the leash’s secure locking, stainless steel, rust-free mechanism. The
U-shaped 360° inlet is also a useful feature that prevents tangling when in use.
The ergonomically designed handle with anti-slip features reduces hand strain.
We found it useful while on long walks.

What We Don’t to like

While Migoo’s automatic locking system is a boon, it is irritating if it locks itself automatically. Besides, the cord’s threads tend to fray and tear within a short time, making it look ugly


  • Suitable for active small to medium breed aggressive dogs weighing up to 45 pounds
  • Reliable but straightforward single-handed lock system
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Gives your pet freedom and your maximum control at all times.


  • Complaints of the threads pulling, fraying, and tearing
  • Claims of the lock getting automatically locked

2. Triton Retractable Dog Leash
Are you looking for a leash offering optimal canine walking control? The Triton
Retractable Dog Leash is an exciting option. It’s a lightweight, 16ft chew
resistant leash that comes with a complimentary collapsible water bowl.
? Chew resistant nylon ribbon
Unlike other dog leashes with cheap and easily chewed polyester ribbons, we
like that this is a heavy-duty, retractable leash. The 16” reinforced ribbon is not
only durable but chew-resistant.
? Single-touch locking system
The unit has a single touch locking system that’s been successfully tested on
small and medium-sized dogs thousands of times. All you have to do is push
the button, and the ribbon is locked in place, at your desired length. Pushing
the slider forward lets the strap extend to the required distance.

? Anti-slip handle
The ergonomically designed handle fits into the palm of your hand. The handle
is made of anti-slip rubber, to give optimal performance even in wet
? Reliable, sturdy clip
The Triton leash’s premium stainless steel clip can make 360° rotations, which
helps prevent tangling. Not only is the clip strong and durable, but it’s also
easily opened and attached to the dog’s collar or harness.
? Complimentary collapsible water bowl
The bowl is an exciting and useful accessory that accompanies the Triton leash.
You never know when your dog may get thirsty while walking. Having a

collapsible container is handy to open up and use to quench your pet’s thirst if
? Lifetime replacement guarantee
The manufacturer is so confident of their product that they offer a lifetime
replacement guarantee. It means you will get a replacement if you aren’t
happy with the strap, or if you receive a defective piece.

What to like
We liked the Triton leash’s attractive design that’s more stylish than other
options. Of course, the fact that the company offers a lifetime replacement
guarantee is also a bonus.
It means you can ask for a replacement if you receive a defective piece,
something which may happen anytime. The complimentary collapsible water
bowl is also a welcome accessory.

What not to like
The leash may be durable enough to control small and medium-sized dogs but
isn’t useful for large breed dogs. Besides, we also feel that the absence of a
reflective design is a potential drawback.
? Lightweight
? Attractively designed
? Comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee
? Complimentary water bowl

? Designed for only small or medium-sized dogs
? Complaints of the ribbon not being as strong as cords

3. Flexi Giant Tape Leash – $53.24
We included this leash in the list because of its a 26-foot extra-long retractable
dog leash. it gives your dog enough space and freedom to explore their
surroundings and still be tethered.
? Differently designed handle
The handle design is another highlight worth mentioning. Other straps have
the leash coming out from the front opposite your hand. But this leash has its
rope coming out of the handle top.
It is an advantage in itself because it widens your pet’s range of motion by
spinning practically round the top of the leash without getting tangled.
? Easy handling
The ergonomically designed handle with a soft grip makes it easier to handle
your dog. The single-handed use of the brake button and permanent stop
feature add to the ease of handling.
? Flat tape leash
The flat tape leash is another good feather of this leash. It is unlike the
rounded ropes you find in other leashes.
With round topes prone to tangling and twisting, the chances of the non-
binding and durable flat tape leash of tangling are quite low. This, together
with the differently designed handle, drastically reduces the chances of any
tangling of leashes.
? Neon colored leash
We liked that the leash is a reflective neon yellow. It dramatically improves
visibility both at night and day, to keep you and your dog safe at all times.
? What to like

Being an extra long retractable dog leash, the Flexi Giant Tape Leash lets your
pet stretch out with freedom of movement. It’s perfect for controlling large
and active dogs.
The flat tape is a marked improvement over the usual round corded options
you find. And of course, we like its neon reflective yellow colour that increases
your visibility while walking.
We also liked the fact that all Flexi leashes are hand-assembled and undergo as
many as 100 quality checks before reaching the market. Besides, it’s even safe
to use in the water and play in the sand.
? What not to like
There’s nothing much to not like in this retractable dog leash. The only possible
disadvantage is that as this is ideal for large and active dogs, you need to be
able to endure and control their movements and activities. There are also a
few complaints of the cord getting stuck in its mechanism.
? Reflective highly visible tape leash
? Differently designed handle
? Extra-long 26 ft. long ribbon
? Flat tape and not rounded cord
? Perfect for large, active dogs
? Complaints of receiving an old and broken leash
? Allegations of the cord getting stuck

4. WIGZI Dual Doggie 2 Dog Retractable Leash – $25
Are you fed up with your two dog leashes getting entangled while walking your
dogs? If yes, the Wigzi Dual Doggie Non-Tangling 2 Dog Retractable Leash may
provide you with a solution to the problem.
? Built-in untangling mechanism

To us, this is the highlight of the retractable leash, its built-in untangling
mechanism with patented 360-degree technology. It has two built-in straps,
each measuring 10m long, and a single retractable system.
It’s the system’s patented technology that prevents the leashes from tangling.
It in turn gives oyu the peace of mind to enjoy taking your furry friends for
walks together without worrying about untangling leads.
In fact, thanks to the mechanism, you can now simultaneously walk two dogs
while having individual control over each dog
? Separate controls
The best part of this leash is that each ribbon has its brake and lock controls.
They are even colour-coded to match the strap colour. There’s a purpose for
this, to ensure there’s no confusion while handling, and stopping each dog
The easy to lock and unlock push buttons are brightly colored for maximum
visibility even in the dark. Besides, the buttons are placed close to you for
convenient one-handed controlling while you enjoy your walk.
? Rotating handle with the retractor assembly
The Wigzi dual doggie leash has a rotating retractor assembly separating the
handle from the two straps. The retractor assembly spins every time your dog
switches sides. It in the process rotates the leashes and prevents them from
? Soft handle with reflective leashes
The two leashes are reflective in colour for higher visibility and safety. Its soft-
touch rubber handle adds comfort while handling your pets on long walks. The
rustproof snap hooks are also a useful security feature.

What to like

We liked leash’s built-in untangling mechanism that goes a long way at making
it so much easier to walk two dogs simultaneously. The reflective straps and
rustproof snap hooks are useful safety features.
Besides, the individual easy to lock and unlock buttons make it all the easier to
control and even stop your dogs while walking.

What not to like

Despite its claims, there is still a possibility of the leashes getting entangled
while walking multiple canines. The straps also tend to fray and start shredding
within a short time of using it.
? Reflective 10m long ribbons
? Matching colour coded buttons and leashes
? Single handle with two separate cords
? Ideal for walking pets weighing up to 50lbs.
? Built-in untangling mechanism

? Complaints of the gel handle practically melting off
? Complaints of tangled leashes

5. Hertzko Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash – $19.99
The Hertzko heavy duty retractable dog leash is perfect to use for most dogs. It
is useful for safely walking not just small and medium dogs, but also large
versions weighing up to 110 lbs.
? Secure locking mechanism

Thanks to its secure locking mechanism, you can adapt this 16ft leash to your
desired length. You are sure of having enough space to safely and enjoyably
walk with your furry friend.
Just hold the leash and its smooth and durable mechanism keeps the cord
tight. Pressing the brake button with your thumb stops the strap. And it
remains locked for as long as the button is kept pressed.
? Full control
The Hertzko retractable leash keeps you in complete control of your pet while
taking your long walks.
? Extra-long ribbon
The leash has an extra-long, 16 feet strong and durable nylon ribbon that lets
your furry friend roam freely within your control. You can even control dogs
weighing up to a maximum weight of 110lbs.
Besides, the leash is lightly colored and reflective for safety purposes. With its
flat shape, there’s no worry of the lash bunching or snagging on anything, thus
providing for a safe walk. The sturdy reinforced plastic attachment attaching
the buckle ensures you don’t have to worry about it coming off.
? Tangle-free design
The leash’s tangle-free design has the leash exiting at the handle top. It
ensures the rope doesn’t end up tangled up even if your pet takes a complete
360°turn around the handle.
? Comfortable grip
The leash’s comfortable and ergonomically designed handle grip with an anti-
slip coating provides for a secure and comfortable grip. It makes even long
walks comfortable and enjoyable. With the control button close to your hand,
it’s possible to lock and release the leash as required quickly.
What to like

We liked the Hertzko retractable leash’s attractive designs and purple and
black unique colour combination. Besides, the flat nylon ribbon with the
tangle-free system prevents possible tangling when in use. We also liked the

ergonomically designed handle with an anti-slip coating that makes you less
tired while on walks.
What not to like

We didn’t like that the control buttons are not as easy to push as they should
be. Besides, the small hook makes controlling excited dogs difficult. There are
also complaints of the rubber handle peeling with time.
? Easy-access control buttons
? Flat, intense and reflective 16ft nylon ribbon
? Ergonomically designed handle
? Anti-tangle mechanism
? Comes with a 30-day complete satisfaction guarantee refund
? Complaints of it quickly breaking
? The hook is too small

6. 3 in 1 Retractable Dog Leash (With LED Light + Bag Dispenser) – $17.99
The 3 in 1 retractable dog leash with LED light and bag dispenser is comparable
to a Swiss army knife. Why? It’s because it does and has the essentials you
require while canine walking, jogging, or training.
? New locking mechanism
The leash comes with a unique locking mechanism that makes walking so much
easier. There is no need for a chance or worry about the device getting
jammed and making things difficult. All you need to do is push a button to
trigger the locking mechanism.
? Ergonomically designed handle

The leash’s ergonomically designed heavy-duty plastic handle fits well into
your hand, just like a glove.
? Durable and long leash
The BC Retail retractable leash comes with a long, durable, thick and
adjustable 15-foot strap. It is useful at controlling small, medium, and large,
healthy dogs.
The rope can in fact handle canines weighing up to 50 lbs. giving them
maximum freedom under your control. The leash lets you control your furry
friend anywhere between 1 to 15ft away.
? LED flashlight

You no longer have to worry or skip walking in the dark thanks to this LED
flashlight. It provides you with the right illumination and visibility for better
walks in the dark.
? Bag dispenser
You never know when your dog may have an accident, and you need
immediate cleaning up. This retractable leash has you covered, thanks to its
handy container with bags for quick, accidental cleanups. In fact, and you also
receive a first complimentary roll of plastic bags with the unit.
? Lifetime manufacturer warranty
The company is so confident of their product that the leash comes with a
lifetime manufacturer warranty. So if the rope does break, BC Retail will
replace it without asking any questions.
What to like

Unlike other retractable leashes, we like that this leash comes with an LED
flashlight and plastic bag dispenser. Plastic bags are especially useful at the
most unexpected times when you need a quick and easy cleanup.
The locking mechanism helps control your furry friend at the push of a button
while the LED flashlight is useful for night walking.
What not to like

We didn’t like that the rubber cap on the flashlight button is loose, posing a
possible choking hazard. While the attachments are useful, they do make the
leash rather clumsy and oversized to use. Besides, the flashlight tends to
detach easily, and it’s challenging to single-handled remove the leash lock.

? Optimal customer satisfaction promise
? Heavy-duty, durable and long retractable leash
? Safe to use on large dogs weighing up to 50 lbs
? Comes with a LED flashlight and bag dispenser
? No questions asked return policy
? Complaints of the strap getting twisted and stuck
? Very narrow slot for the leash

Buyers Guide
With retractable leashes being an essential part of any dog owner’s or walker’s
arsenal, it’s worth investing in the right one. There are so many types and
brands around, catering to the varied canine needs. That’s the reason why we
decided to come up with this buying guide that will help you select one.
? Comfortable No-Slip Grip
Most of them come with sturdy ABS plastic handles, with soft non-slip grips.
It’s the non-slip feature that ensures the strap doesn’t slip out of your hand if
your dog gets excited and just takes off.
Besides, a comfortable grip means there’s no worry about any leash rashes or
However many people complain that most retractable leashes come with too
small handle holes. So if you have large hands, we advise looking for a ribbon
with a larger grip.
And if you have a huge dog, make sure the handle is strong enough to restrain
his weight. It’s only if the handle is the right size, comfortable, and non-grip in
function will it help you keep your pet safe with complete control.

? Multi-Dog Functionality
Most retractable canine leashes come with a single lead and are meant for
walking individual pets. However, instead of buying two separate retractable
leashes, it’s better to look for something that lets you walk your dogs
simultaneously. Though these leashes may be shorter, it’s better than
simultaneously managing two separate units.

? Reflective or High-Visibility Components
With your furry friend’s safety being your top priority, it’s always better to
invest in a leash with reflective material or tape. It’s because these leashes
ensure that both you and your dogs are visible and safe during nighttime
? Extra Length
Most of the retractable leashes in the market come with leads measuring 15-
16ft in length. There are also others with a shorter or longer lead length. It’s
better to look for shorter options if you will be simultaneously walking multiple
It gives you better control over your pooches. Besides, massive dogs are easier
controlled with shorter leads than petite canines.
If possible, look for leashes with extra long leads. You can anyway retract the
lead to your preferred length to use according to where you go walking.
There’s no point in getting a very long leash if you will be walking in places
without much free open space. but you need a retractable leash that’s long
enough to give your pooch their required freedom without much restraint.
? Attached Flashlight
There are retractable leashes with useful accessories like an attached
flashlight. They prove helpful if the only time you have to take your pet for a
walk is late in the evening. The light helps you see where you are going in the
dark, and keeps both you and your pet safe.

? Dog’s weight
All retractable leash packaging displays the ideal weight it can bear. So make
sure you buy a unit that’s perfect for your dog’s weight. It’s even better if you
weigh your pet so that you can buy the right strap.
Investing in the wrong belt may leave you with a ribbon that your dog can
easily pull and result in injuries. Don’t use retractable leashes meant for small
and medium breeds on large breeds, and vice versa.

? Leash type
Retractable leashes come in two main types- round rope leashes and flat tape
While the round rope leash is thicker and more suitable, a tape one gives you
more room for maneuverability. They are also easier to see than their rope


1. What is a retractable dog leash, and how does it work?

Retractable leashes are thinly wrapped cords loaded in a handheld spring device.

They are generally longer than the regular dog leashes, and easier to maintain because they retract into

The device fits inside a plastic handle that is easy to hold and control. The
handle in turn has buttons for controlling the extended cord length. The longer
the cord pulls out, the larger is your dog’s walking space. Some even extend to
as far as 26ft.
The main benefit and reason for people investing in retractable leashes is that
lets you control the leash’s length. You get to decide if you want to keep your
dog near you or let them free to explore their surroundings.

To simplify things, retractable dog leashes are self-adjusting leashes that help
you control your dog on walks. It comprises of a long leash that’s wound onto a
spool, and fit inside a plastic handle casing.
What happens is that whenever your canine friend pulls the leash, it
automatically unspools and extends as long as required. There are also useful
built-in controls you can use for limiting the leash length.
Besides, the leash automatically retracts back into the casing to get shorter
once your dog comes close to you. Most of them come with built-in
mechanisms that prevent the tangling of the leash. It in turn makes walking
dogs all the more comfortable without any tangling.

2. Are retractable dog leashes dangerous?

It’s not just retractable dog leashes, for that matter. Any and every strap can
get dangerous if it wraps around you or your pet. It can lead to possible
dangerous chocking.
Besides, retractable leashes pose as an additional hazard if it doesn’t self-
adjust when clicked to a proper length. There is also a chance of it tightening
around your limbs. It gets even more dangerous if your pet pulls at the
wrapped leash.
All this, however, is avoidable. You just have to use the retractable leash as
carefully as you would use a traditional rope. Yes, the fact that it has a self-
adjusting system does reduce the risks of it wrapping around you or your dog.
It is however useful, and applicable only if used properly.

3. How long is a retractable dog leash?
The leash length is independent of its design and can be adjustable to a
maximum extent. It’s interesting to know that each length fits a particular sized
For example, if you have a small dog, then look for cords measuring 6 to 8 feet
long. In the case of small or medium dogs, straps measuring between 8 to 16
feet long are a better option.
However, anything longer than 16 feet, usually a maximum of 26feet, is
reserved for large and overly active dogs.
While all of this is a general recommendation, you can always use any leash
with any sized dog. You just have to ensure that the dog doesn’t exceed the
leash’s recommended maximum weight limit.

4. Are retractable leashes suitable for puppies?
Yes, retractable leashes are useful with puppies, mainly for training purposes.
They make a great training tool for those puppies that enjoy running around
and require constant supervision and control.

You can use the ribbon to give your pets the freedom to walk around in grassy
regions. You can then retract it to make your pet walk next to you when it’s
time to walk.

Final verdict
So you see, if used right, retractable leashes can be a great help to pet owners.
You just have to ensure you buy the best retractable leash for families, based
on your needs and requirements.
Our buying guide will help you make a selection, and our reviews will give you
an idea of the types of leashes there are.
You may perhaps need something longer for your larger or active furry friend,
or something with a flashlight if you go for nighttime walks.
So there’s no single best retractable leash. It all depends on you, your pet, and
of course, your walking schedule.

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