Review of Bach Rescue Remedy drops for dogs

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If you think your pet is going through some stress, then Bach Rescue Remedy Pet should help provide some stress relief. Yes, it may be difficult to imagine, but pets too go through stress because they also have emotions just like us humans. Of course, things that stress them out are much different from the stress humans face. Things that tend to agitate them are things like thunderstorms, fireworks, road trips, trips to the vet and separation. Though the causes are different the anxiety and stress they feel are similar to the stress we go through.

Recommended by Veterinarians

Stress is so common amongst pets that pets all over the world go through it. The one thing common to all these pets is Bach Rescue Remedy drops for dogs that work as an effective remedy to help calm down pets in all stressful conditions. This is why veterinarians all over the world recommend this for anxiety relief in pets.

Does not contain any alcohol

You can safely give these drops for dogs because it does not contain any alcohol. On the contrary, it is a natural blend of flowers, water and glycerine. It is in no way habit-forming, and thus very safe and gentle on any pet. And as Rescue products are found in various formats, you are sure to find a product just right for your dog.

Easily Administered

All you have to do is add about four drops of the medicine to your pet’s food, treat or water bowl and you will slowly find your dog looking and feeling all relaxed. You can also alternatively rub it onto your pet’s nose, paw or ear for quicker relief. It is left to you to decide which way to give the medicine’s correct dosage to your dog. Veterinarians usually advise repeating the drops as required.


Helps provide stress relief to dogs

Treats stress in dogs because of separation, fireworks, trips and thunderstorms

Easy to administer through drops

Does not contain alcohol and is not habit forming

No recommended dosage and to use as required

Can be added to anything like your dog’s food or water or applied to their nose, paws or ears


Makes travelling so much easier if applied before a trip

Help keep your dog quiet during thunderstorms

Vet trips are so much easier to handle

A natural stress relief blends of flowers, water and gelatine

Recommended by veterinarians all over the world

Pets feel calm within a few hours or a day

Safe for all pets like dogs, cats and rabbits


Complaints of it not having any calming effects in some pets


If your dog, cat or any pet seems to be going through an emotional turmoil due to episodes like thunderstorms, separation and trips, then it is time to do something about it. You no longer have to sustain all their aggression and howling. Instead, try giving them some of Bach Rescue Remedy drops and see the difference. All it takes is four drops in your pet’s food or applied to their nose, paws or ears and you notice your dogs are so much calmer and quieter. They grow so much easier to handle and there’s no more tearing of furniture or chasing each other. The drops are also naturally made using flowers, water and glycerine and contain no alcohol. So there’s no worry about your pet growing addicted to it. You can use the drops as many times as you think required helping calm down your pet and make life so less stressful for them.


With emotional distress so common amongst pets, there are so many other stress relief products for pets in the market. And one of them is Zesty Paws Calming Soft Chews which is rather popular gauging by the more than 1200 reviews it has on Amazon. It is also a natural blend of valerian root, organic hemp and L Tryptophan that together work at providing stress relief to your dog. It makes a nice treat for your dog and can help calm him down so that he does not bark or even chew things when anxious like during a storm or while making trips.

Final Verdict

If you have always worried about your pet’s anxiety levels, and wonder if it is possible to stop the stress he goes through during thunderstorms, vet visits, road trips or upon hearing fireworks, there is finally respite for you and your pet now. You have Bach Rescue Remedy that really comes to your pet’s rescue. All it takes are four drops of this miracle remedy which you can either add to your pet’s food or even apply to their paws, nose or ears. You’ll find your pet relaxed and calm within a few hours or at the most within a day.

Then again, there is lots of competition in the market for such stress relief medications for pets because the problem is rather common with them. And one of them is Zesty Paws Calming Soft Chews for dogs. While it’s a natural blend which does offer stress relief to your dog, it is a bit more expensive than Bach Rescue Remedy. There are also complaints of pets that don’t get any relief after taking it and in some cases, pets start doing something they never did before when stressed.

So Bach Rescue Remedy does look like a good option for stress relief in your dog. You can give it as many times as required until you find your pet calm and relaxed in situations where it usually got agitated. While it is considered safe to give Bach Rescue Remedy to pets, like any other medicine, it is always better to first ask your veterinarian before starting it. This is even more important if your pet suffers from some condition like diabetes and is already taking some medication for it.

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