Glucosamine Powder for Dogs Review 

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If you notice your dog seems to be sleeping longer than usual or is stiff and slow in his movements, it may be because of joint pains. This is when Glucosamine Powder for Dogs is a joint supplement you should start giving your dog for relief from the joint pain and increased joint flexibility and movement.

Helps build body tissue and joint cartilage

As the name suggests, Glucosamine powder is a supplement and not a miracle treatment for joint pain. Joint pain is not repairable once the damage is done; the only thing that can be done is provide relief from its symptoms.

So while glucosamine will not repair any joint damage that has already taken place, with regular consumption, glucosamine will help your dog create glycosaminoglycan. This is what will help build healthy body tissue and cartilage in your dog for better mobility and flexibility in joints.

Lubricant and shock absorber

The chondroitin in the Glucosamine powder is naturally formed in animal cartilage. It attracts the glycosaminoglycan which attracts water and works more as a lubricant or shock absorber in your dog. The lubrication provides for increased flexibility and makes it so much easier for your dog to bend his legs and move around.

Additional ingredient

While most of the joint supplements for dogs in the market mainly contain only glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, this glucosamine powder contains an additional ingredient. It is Green Lipped Mussel extract that helps support your dog joint and cartilage functioning while encouraging the production of synovial fluid for increased and better joint lubrication.

Specialty of the supplement

Glucosamine powder for dogs is unique and different from most other joint supplements because it is made using only natural ingredients. So there is no worry about giving anything artificial or chemical to your dog.

Another specialty of the supplement is its form of administration. It is available in powder form, which is a much better means of administering the supplement than giving pills to your dog. It is easier mixing the powder with your dog food and the powder form is quickly and readily absorbed by your dog system. This means that you can expect to see quicker results and changes in your dog gait and mannerisms after starting this joint supplement.

Easy measurements

As the supplement is in powder form, it is easier for you to measure the amount of powder to give your dog every day. It is easier to accurately and consistently provide your dog with his supplement as it is in powder form.

Money back guarantee

While the supplement is accepted and helps provide relief to most dogs, in the rare case of your dog not making any improvement after taking the supplement, you can ask for a Full Money Back refund. You will be refunded your money without any questions asked.

Suggested dosage

The recommended dosage is 5 grams of the powder with food for one week. The dose can then be reduced to anywhere between one and three grams a day. As your dog will naturally eliminate the unused formula once the levels are in your dog system, there is no need of giving more than necessary.


  • Glucosamine joint supplement that helps stiff joints by promoting mobility in dogs
  • Made using naturally derived ingredients
  • The glucosamine and chondroitin collectively help support your dog joint structure
  • Contains an additional component, green lipped mussel extract that offers astonishing benefits
  • Complete money back guarantee if there is no improvement
  • Glucosamine helps build good body tissue for a stronger cartilage
  • Chondroitin attracts nutrients to the cartilage for better health
  • Also contains MSM and sodium hyaluronate
  • Comes with a handy plastic measure spoon with a small spoon on one end and a large spoon on the other


  • Supplement is in powder form making it easier for your dog to absorb
  • Powder is easier and more conveniently measured with the enclosed handy measure spoon
  • Powder can be easily mixed with your dog food without it realising it
  • Green lipped mussel extract encourages the production of synovial joint fluid for better lubrication in joints
  • No questions asked refund of money if your dog does not benefit from the supplement
  • Not only improves joint mobility but your dog coat grows thick and shiny
  • Good customer support and delivery


  • Some dogs may start vomiting after taking the supplement
  • Complaints of some dogs getting diarrhoea


It is natural for dogs to develop joint pain and stiffness as they grow old as their bodies produce less glucosamine as they age. This is when supplements like Glucosamine powder for Dogs help by triggering the production of glucosamine in the body. With long time and continuous use, your dog stiff movements and gait will improve for the better. And as this supplement is in the powder form, it is easily measured using its accompanying measuring spoon. And it is also quickly given to your dog as you just have to sprinkle it over his food and it mixes with his food.


There are other glucosamine joint supplements for dogs available, like the Lintbells YuMove dog supplement, which has more than 3700 reviews. It contains Omega 3s which can prove additional support in soothing your stiff dog joints and provide for improved joint comfort.

Like glucosamine powder, this supplement also contains green lipped mussel which is instrumental in slowing down the natural breakdown of cartilage. And its vitamins C and E help neutralise free radicals which are essential for maintaining joint mobility.

Final verdict

With Glucosamine Powder for dogs around you no longer need to cringe seeing your dog suffering from pain. As long as you give it regularly to your dog, you will slowly see a marked improvement in your dog movement and flexibility.

There are of course other supplements like Lintbells YuMOVE, but as it is a tablet, some dogs may not like consuming pills. Glucosamine is in powder form, making it easy to administer and get absorbed by your dog for faster results. And while Glucosamine powder is safe for your dog, it is always better to consult with your veterinarian before starting the supplement to ensure it does not contradict with any other medications you may be giving your dog.

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