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Zymox Otic Petsmart Review (Pet King Brand Zymox Otic Pet Ear Treatment with Hydrocortisone)

Zymox Otic Petsmart Review

If you have a dog suffering from repeated, or an acute painful external ear inflammation like Otis externa, Zymox Otic may provide the solution to this misery. Otis externa is a condition where the outer ear gets swollen and starts hurting. Pets go through lots of pain and discomfort because of this condition, a consequence of bacterial and fungal growth, and even possible yeast infections.

Zymox Otic is from the Pet King Brand and is a specially formulated, enzymatic ear treatment solution that proves helpful in treating both acute and chronic cases of Otis Externa. It helps by not only treating the infection and symptoms but also helps get rid of all the microorganisms tormenting your pet’s health.

The solution does not contain any antibiotics which is perhaps why it is very effective at destroying all the antibiotic-resistant organisms. The solution instead contains 1% hydrocortisone and comes as a four-ounce bottle.


Zymox Otic is so easy to use for treating your pet. In case of an acute infection, all you have to do is use it once a day, for seven days. And in case of chronic infections, use it once a day for fourteen days. You will get faster and better results if you do not use any other topical ear cleaners or medications while giving your pet Zymox Otic.

Reason for the presence of glucose

It may be surprising for some people that there is some form of glucose found in the solution. Well, the reason for this is that glucose oxidase is an enzyme which facilitates the oxidation of glucose. This, in turn, leads to the formation of gluconolactone and hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide, in turn, helps at killing bacteria to create a bacteria-killing compound.

Directions for use

Zymox Otic is really easy to use. You just have to shake it first, and then liberally apply on the uncleaned ear. Apply sufficient solution to fill up your pet’s ear canal. Massage the solution into the ear while working on the infected area. Wipe off any excess solution, and use for 7 or 14 days depending on the severity of the condition.

Safety indications

It is not advised to clean your pet’s ears before or during the treatment period. And as mentioned earlier, it should not be used with any other topical ear cleaner or medication. Make sure that no water enters inside, or near the ear during the treatment period. Zymox Otic should not be used in a punctured eardrum or on pregnant and lactating female pets. And in case the condition seems to be persistent or seems to worsen, then consult your veterinarian.


  • An enzymatic solution useful for treating painful external ear infections
  • Destroys all antibiotic-resistant bacteria, fungi, virus and yeast infections
  • Available in a 4 oz. bottle of 1% hydrocortisone
  • Should not be used with any other topical ear medications
  • Not meant for pregnant or lactating cats or dogs
  • Should not be used on punctured eardrums
  • Make sure no water enters or is near the ear during treatment


  • Does not contain any type of antibiotics
  • Very easy to use
  • Does not require any cleaning of the ears before or during the treatment


  • May seem to be a bit expensive, but it’s worth the relief it gives your pets


There’s no need to worry anymore if you have tried using pills, powders and shots to treat your dog’s ear infection, but without any results. There’s now a solution in the effective hydrocortisone ear infection cleaner Zymox Otic. It’s so easy to use; you and your pet will get relief from the condition within 7 to 14 days of use, based on the severity of the condition. There is no need of even going through the hassles of cleaning your pet’s ears before using the solution. All you need to do is take care to ensure no water enters the ear or is even near the ear during the treatment session.

You don’t have to wait for your pet’s ear condition to get worse to start using this solution. Anytime you notice your dog’s ears getting red, you can safely add the enzymatic solution to her ears and wait for it to return to normal. You can also safely use the drops to treat your dog who’s suffering from a yeast infection.


Of course, there are so many other treatment options for ear conditions like Otis externa. For example, there is another rather popular advanced ear cleaner named Virbac Epi-Otic. It has more than 1,300 reviews on Amazon and comes with a 4.7 rating proving it’s rather popular.

It’s not surprising because it’s rather affordably priced, and can be sued for the routine cleaning of your dog’s ears before using other preparations. It’s more like a drying solution perfect to use for routine maintenance of Otis externa. However, this is where its drawback lies. It’s perfect for routine maintenance, and not meant for treating ear infections. So if your dog has a chronic or acute ear infection, this ear cleaner will not prove that helpful.

Final verdict

With Zymox Otic around you need not worry anymore if your dog is suffering from an acute or chronic case of external ear fungi, bacterial or yeast infection. This is an enzymatic compound that gives better results than most powders, pills and creams. You just have to apply the ear drops for 7 days in case of an acute ear infection and for 14 days if it’s a chronic ear infection. There is no need for even cleaning the ears with unnecessary ear cleaners like Virbac Epi-Otic.

You can actually consider it to be an additional cost. Though it’s helpful for cleaning out the gunk before using the prescribed ear medication, in case of Zymox Otic, there is no need of cleaning out the infected ears. You just have to pour the drops into the infected ear, and your dog gets pain relief and is treated within a few days’ time. So if your dog has a chronic ear infection, Zymox Otic is indeed a better ear medication to use for treating it. However, like any other medication, it is always better to first inform your veterinarian before starting it.



Pet Fit 4 Lifes Glucosamine for dogs with Chondroitin + MSM for dogs over 60 lbs Review 

Glucosamine and Chondroitin side effects

If you notice your dog finding it difficult to get up from sleep, climb steps or even just move around, then it’s most probably due to arthritis. Yes, while it’s surprising to hear, dogs too suffer from arthritis like us humans. And just like there’s help for humans suffering from arthritis, there are also joint supplements like Pet Fit 4 Lifes Glucosamine for dogs with Chondroitin which can help your dog.

Dogs, especially the elder ones should take joint supplements to maintain healthy tissue and cartilage. As part of the aging process, your dog’s body slowly reduces its natural production of glycosamine that’s needed for repairing and forming body tissue and cartilage. So giving a supplement helps replace this deficit, and in the process, improve your dog’s knee problem.

Quality ingredients

The supplement contains quality ingredients necessary for keeping your dog’s hip and joints flexible and healthy. Not only does it contain glucosamine, it also has chondroitin sulphate and MSM. They collectively work at providing maximum pain relief to dogs suffering from arthritis, especially heavy built dogs weighing more than sixty pounds.

While glucosamine helps produce and repair your dog’s body tissue and cartilage, chondroitin attracts nutrients essential for promoting joint health. MSM is an effective anti-inflammatory agent in pets which helps ease the swelling and discomfort of arthritis.

Recommended dosage

The supplement comes in a chewable tablet, which the company recommends giving 2 tablets a day to your dog as a start. According to the results and your veterinarian’s prescription, you may be able to reduce it to 1 tablet a day for maintenance purposes if your dog starts walking normally without any limps, pain or difficulty.

While this dosage is for dogs weighing more than 60 pounds, the supplement can be given to smaller dogs. The tablets have a score in them, making it convenient for you to break the supplement in half. So the recommended dosage for small dogs is 1 tablet a day for 4 to 6 weeks, and then half a tablet for maintenance purposes.

Preventative care

You can also start giving a tablet to your dog from young, as maintenance of his healthy tissue and cartilage. It helps offset the start of possible arthritis so that your dog needn’t go through so much pain and discomfort of arthritis.

Good taste

Pet Fit 4 Lifes keeps your dog’s tastes in mind while manufacturing their joint supplements. This is why even breeds that are fussy about their food and taste of chewable supplements end up liking these chicken cheese flavoured tablets.


  • Made in a plant in Georgia using ingredients sourced in the USA
  • Dogs like its chicken cheese taste
  • Dosage clearly printed on the label
  • The tablets have a score on them to easily cut it in half
  • Safe for use in both large and small sized dogs


  • Positive results in dogs within a few months of giving supplements
  • Affordably priced
  • Made in the USA
  • One bottle contains 150 tablets


  • Some complaints of the tablet having a rancid smell


No longer need you worry if your dog suffers from a hip or joint stiffness and flexibility problems. You have this glucosamine chondroitin and MSM chews from Pet Fit 4 Lifes that you can give your dog on a regular basis. Your dog will finally get some relief from the pain, discomfort and inflammation of arthritis.

You don’t even have much of a problem giving your dog the supplement as it has a great cheesy chicken taste that is palatable to even fussy dogs. In fact, as it’s a chewable tablet, you can give it to your dog as a treat and not medicine. The tablet also has a score on it, making it easy to cut the tablet into two to give to smaller dog breeds. The joint supplement is not only used for treating arthritis, it can also be given to your dog as a preventative measure to young dogs. This preventive measure reduces the chances of their developing joint pain or inflammation.


With arthritis in dogs being such a common condition, there are so many other similar joint supplements in the market. For example, there’s Actiflex from Plano Paws. This is a safe and natural hip and joint supplement for dogs containing glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM. It is made in the USA and has more than 400 reviews on Amazon.

It also contains antioxidants like organic turmeric. This is a natural pain reliever that helps with liver detoxification, reduces blood clots and improves your dog’s heart health. The supplement is also vitamin C and E fortified which is essential for the preventative care of your dog’s joints.

Final verdict

So you no longer have to worry about your dog’s limp and discomfort at doing everyday things like getting up and climbing stairs. You just have to start giving him a joint supplement like Pet Fit 4 Life glucosamine on an everyday basis. While you may not get any immediate results, you will definitely see an improvement in your dog after a month or two. There are of course other options in the market which you may also consider giving your dog like Actiflex from Plano Paws. While this is also a chewable tablet, there are complaints of many dogs not taking or even touching the tablets.

Owners complain that their dogs don’t take them even if they break the tablet up and mix it in their dog’s food. Some owners complain that the tablet is a bit too hard for small dogs while other dog owners complain of diarrhoea in their dogs. Now Pet Fit 4 Life is a good joint supplement option to give both dogs with mobility issues and even as a preventive measure to young dogs. Whatever your option may be, it is always better to first consult your veterinarian before starting any supplements. It’s even more important to do so if your dog is on medications to treat health problems like diabetes.

Glucosamine Chondroitin, MSM, Organic Turmeric Soft Chews 120-Count Review

Genuine Naturals organic Turmeric Soft Chews Review

One of the things a dog owner cannot see is their dog finding it so difficult to do everyday things like standing, sitting and just moving. Instead of just depending on painkillers that give your dog only temporary relief, why not give it joint supplements like Glucosamine Chondroitin Soft Chews from Genuine Naturals?

These supplements are nutraceuticals that help by supporting healthy joint function and provide pain relief. They contain natural ingredients which if given regularly to your dog, will help improve their movement while reducing pains and discomfort.

More a treat than supplement

Dogs consider this more a treat than a supplement as it contains natural chicken and duck flavouring. It’s not only tasty to eat but also has a sugar cube shape and is easy to chew even for old dogs.

Eases aches and pains and restores energy and mobility

Glucosamine Chondroitin supplement from Genuine Naturals helps by not only providing your dog relief from aches and pains but also helps restore their lost energy levels and movement. It also eases stress on hips and joints, soothes painful joints and also helps reduce any swelling and tenderness.

 Contains premium natural ingredients

The supplement is made using the best; premium natural ingredients like Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Organic Turmeric, MSM and Dried Yucca that collectively help provide relief with their individual health benefits.

No harmful chemicals

The hip joint soft chew supplement is made using only natural ingredients and does not contain any toxic chemicals. All the ingredients that are used in the supplement come from the USA, and the supplement is manufactured in a USDA facility.

Lasts between one to four months

One bottle of the supplement contains 120 chews, which can last between a month to four months, based on your dog size and the prescribed dosage. As a single chew a day is enough for small breeds; the bottle will last for four months for small dogs. However it lasts for only one month in case of bigger dogs that may have to consume four chews a day to get their required amount of glucosamine in a day.


  • Contains natural ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, turmeric and dried yucca
  • All ingredients are sourced from the US
  • Supplement manufactured in a USDA facility
  • Soft, chewable treat containing natural chicken and duck flavourings
  • Meant for both small and large breed dogs
  • Contains no harmful chemicals
  • One bottle lasts for 1 to 4 months


  • Safe for even small dogs
  • Chicken and duck flavourings make dogs think it’s more a treat than supplement
  • One bottle lasts 1-4 months based on the number of chews given to dog’s everyday
  • One chew a day enough for small dogs while medium breeds need two chews a day and massive dogs need four chews a day
  • Easy to regulate the amount of glucosamine and chondroitin to be given to your dogs as per weight and body size
  • Made using only natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals
  • US sourced ingredients and supplement made in a USDA premises
  • Soft and perfect for your dog’s old teeth
  • Reasonably priced when compared to other joint supplements


  • Complaints of receiving bottle with broken seal
  • Triggers diarrhoea in some dogs
  • Not meant for large, picky dogs who take pills with pill pockets
  • Bitter in taste which may not agree with some dogs


Dogs suffering from joint pain like arthritis or hip dysplasia are a common problem, especially in older dogs. This glucosamine chondroitin MSM chews from Genuine Naturals are ideal for providing relief from the associated pain, inflammation and discomfort your dog endures.

The supplement comes as soft chews with a natural chicken and duck taste which makes it even easier to give your dogs as treats. And in case your dog doesn’t like it, you can still try giving it by crumbling the chews and mixing with their food. The supplements can be given even as a preventative measure to your young dogs to prevent the possibility or development of any joint pains in dogs.


Of course, this is not the only glucosamine joint supplement available in the market. There are quite a few completive brands, like the Doggie Dallies Glucosamine that comes with 225 chews in a bottle. This is a somewhat famous brand, judging by the more than 2,000 customer reviews it presently has on Amazon.

The supplement also contains chondroitin, MSM and a few other ingredients which prove helpful at providing joint pain relief to your dog. It also includes additional cod liver and salmon oil, which benefits your dog’s coat and skin health.

Final Verdict

So if you can’t tolerate seeing the joint pain and discomfort your dog is going through, it’s time you started giving him some Glucosamine Chondroitin soft chews from Genuine Naturals. Don’t expect miracles, but with regular use, you will see a marked improvement in your dog’s gait and comfort levels. Of course, there are other joint supplements you can give your dog like the 225 chews that come in a bottle of Doggie Dailies Glucosamine. While this is also a soft chew like the ones from Genuine Naturals, Doggie Dallies is more expensive.

Besides, while they boast of their supplement being made in the USA, there’s nothing printed on the bottle to prove this. So in other words, you have to start taking it at your own risk, as you don’t’ know if it is safe and made in the US. So while this is a supplement worth giving both to old dogs with mobility problems and to young dogs as a preventive measure, it’s always better to first consult your veterinarian before starting the supplement. It’s even more important if your dog suffers from any other health problems like diabetes or is taking some other medications.


Glucosamine Powder for Dogs Review 

glucosamine powder for dogs

If you notice your dog seems to be sleeping longer than usual or is stiff and slow in his movements, it may be because of joint pains. This is when Glucosamine Powder for Dogs is a joint supplement you should start giving your dog for relief from the joint pain and increased joint flexibility and movement.

Helps build body tissue and joint cartilage

As the name suggests, Glucosamine powder is a supplement and not a miracle treatment for joint pain. Joint pain is not repairable once the damage is done; the only thing that can be done is provide relief from its symptoms.

So while glucosamine will not repair any joint damage that has already taken place, with regular consumption, glucosamine will help your dog create glycosaminoglycan. This is what will help build healthy body tissue and cartilage in your dog for better mobility and flexibility in joints.

Lubricant and shock absorber

The chondroitin in the Glucosamine powder is naturally formed in animal cartilage. It attracts the glycosaminoglycan which attracts water and works more as a lubricant or shock absorber in your dog. The lubrication provides for increased flexibility and makes it so much easier for your dog to bend his legs and move around.

Additional ingredient

While most of the joint supplements for dogs in the market mainly contain only glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, this glucosamine powder contains an additional ingredient. It is Green Lipped Mussel extract that helps support your dog joint and cartilage functioning while encouraging the production of synovial fluid for increased and better joint lubrication.

Specialty of the supplement

Glucosamine powder for dogs is unique and different from most other joint supplements because it is made using only natural ingredients. So there is no worry about giving anything artificial or chemical to your dog.

Another specialty of the supplement is its form of administration. It is available in powder form, which is a much better means of administering the supplement than giving pills to your dog. It is easier mixing the powder with your dog food and the powder form is quickly and readily absorbed by your dog system. This means that you can expect to see quicker results and changes in your dog gait and mannerisms after starting this joint supplement.

Easy measurements

As the supplement is in powder form, it is easier for you to measure the amount of powder to give your dog every day. It is easier to accurately and consistently provide your dog with his supplement as it is in powder form.

Money back guarantee

While the supplement is accepted and helps provide relief to most dogs, in the rare case of your dog not making any improvement after taking the supplement, you can ask for a Full Money Back refund. You will be refunded your money without any questions asked.

Suggested dosage

The recommended dosage is 5 grams of the powder with food for one week. The dose can then be reduced to anywhere between one and three grams a day. As your dog will naturally eliminate the unused formula once the levels are in your dog system, there is no need of giving more than necessary.


  • Glucosamine joint supplement that helps stiff joints by promoting mobility in dogs
  • Made using naturally derived ingredients
  • The glucosamine and chondroitin collectively help support your dog joint structure
  • Contains an additional component, green lipped mussel extract that offers astonishing benefits
  • Complete money back guarantee if there is no improvement
  • Glucosamine helps build good body tissue for a stronger cartilage
  • Chondroitin attracts nutrients to the cartilage for better health
  • Also contains MSM and sodium hyaluronate
  • Comes with a handy plastic measure spoon with a small spoon on one end and a large spoon on the other


  • Supplement is in powder form making it easier for your dog to absorb
  • Powder is easier and more conveniently measured with the enclosed handy measure spoon
  • Powder can be easily mixed with your dog food without it realising it
  • Green lipped mussel extract encourages the production of synovial joint fluid for better lubrication in joints
  • No questions asked refund of money if your dog does not benefit from the supplement
  • Not only improves joint mobility but your dog coat grows thick and shiny
  • Good customer support and delivery


  • Some dogs may start vomiting after taking the supplement
  • Complaints of some dogs getting diarrhoea


It is natural for dogs to develop joint pain and stiffness as they grow old as their bodies produce less glucosamine as they age. This is when supplements like Glucosamine powder for Dogs help by triggering the production of glucosamine in the body. With long time and continuous use, your dog stiff movements and gait will improve for the better. And as this supplement is in the powder form, it is easily measured using its accompanying measuring spoon. And it is also quickly given to your dog as you just have to sprinkle it over his food and it mixes with his food.


There are other glucosamine joint supplements for dogs available, like the Lintbells YuMove dog supplement, which has more than 3700 reviews. It contains Omega 3s which can prove additional support in soothing your stiff dog joints and provide for improved joint comfort.

Like glucosamine powder, this supplement also contains green lipped mussel which is instrumental in slowing down the natural breakdown of cartilage. And its vitamins C and E help neutralise free radicals which are essential for maintaining joint mobility.

Final verdict

With Glucosamine Powder for dogs around you no longer need to cringe seeing your dog suffering from pain. As long as you give it regularly to your dog, you will slowly see a marked improvement in your dog movement and flexibility.

There are of course other supplements like Lintbells YuMOVE, but as it is a tablet, some dogs may not like consuming pills. Glucosamine is in powder form, making it easy to administer and get absorbed by your dog for faster results. And while Glucosamine powder is safe for your dog, it is always better to consult with your veterinarian before starting the supplement to ensure it does not contradict with any other medications you may be giving your dog.

Liquid Health K-9 Glucosamine with OptiMSM Hip and Joint Formula Review

Liquid Health K-9 Glucosamine with OptiMSM Hip and Joint Formula

It’s said that about 25% of dogs will gradually develop some mobility issues as they grow old. This is when a joint supplement for dogs like Liquid Health K-9 Glucosamine with OptiMSM Hip and Joint Formula helps. The supplement contains glucosamine and chondroitin which help rebuild and repair your dog’s joint cartilage for improved joint health and movement.


K9 Liquid Glucosamine contains not only liquid glucosamine but also chondroitin and Opti-MSM that together promote canine joint health. The other components in the supplement that collectively improve the supplement’s absorption and muscle and bone functioning are hyaluronic acid and manganese chelate. All the ingredients come in a base of 100% pure Aloe Vera juice and pure water, with some natural flavours.

How it helps

All the ingredients in K9 Liquid Glucosamine joint supplement work together to help improve your dog’s joint pliability. They are also useful in reducing the pain and joint inflammation associated with osteoarthritis which helps your dog become active once again and devoid of pain.

It is the glucosamine in the supplement that plays a significant role in repairing your dog’s joint damage. It rebuilds all the injured cartilage, the reason for your dog’s joint pain and reduced movement. The chondroitin helps the bone cartilage preserve water to reduce potential joint strain and wear and tear.

Easily absorbed

As the supplement is in liquid form, it is quickly and more efficiently absorbed by your dog’s body than tablets or powders. Besides, it’s easier to give your dog than pills as you can just pour the supplement over his food so that he eats it with his meals. You can thus expect faster results and pain relief once you start giving your dog the supplement.

Can also be given to dogs to prevent joint pain

Giving the supplement to younger dogs can help ensure they don’t develop any pain or stiffness in their joints as they grow old. If started at an early age, the supplement helps strengthen your dog’s cartilage and prevents painful joints which can prevent future illnesses and joint pain.

Dosage and ingredients mentioned

The K9 liquid Glucosamine supplement indicates how much of each element is found in a fluid ounce of the supplement. There’s 1600 mg of glucosamine, 1200 mg of chondroitin, 1000mg of MSM and 7mg of Manganese Chelate and 10mg of Hyaluronic acid in each fluid ounce of the supplement.

The dosage is also mentioned to help you start giving the supplement to your dog based on its weight. The dosage starts at a teaspoon a day for dogs weighing less than 10 pounds to three teaspoons of the supplement twice a day for dogs weighing more than a hundred pounds.


  • Liquid glucosamine joint supplement for dogs
  • Comes in a 32-ounce bottle
  • Helps improve the joint cartilage structural integrity
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin repairs, rebuilds and strengthens the joint tissue
  • MSM helps promote good health
  • Palatable to most dogs
  • Most dogs show improvement within a week to three weeks’ time
  • Better than chews and tablets for picky dogs
  • As dosage is listed on bottle, safe for all size dogs
  • Affordably priced


  • Easy to give your dog as it’s in liquid form
  • The body easily absorbs liquid form than pills and powders for faster results
  • Can be given to prevent arthritis in younger dogs
  • Helps ease joint problems in older dogs
  • Safe for dogs
  • Helps dog regain movement and feel less pain without pain medication
  • Manufactured in Murrieta, CA


  • Sugar based so may prove a concern for dogs with diabetes
  • Some dogs suffer from gastrointestinal problems, allergies and increased fatigue and allergies
  • May not work for all dogs for all types of joint problems
  • Needs refrigeration after opening
  • Opaque dispenser cap makes it difficult to judge dosage
  • Complaints about it ruining some dog’s teeth


If you can’t see your dog limping around and suffering from joint pain, the Liquid Health K-9 Glucosamine, Hip and Joint Formula can help. The glucosamine helps reduce joint pain and increase mobility in dogs by rebuilding, strengthening and supporting his existing joint cartilage.

The chondroitin helps cartilage preserve water in the joints to minimise wear and tear while providing improved cushioning to the joints. It offers pain relief to older dogs suffering from osteoarthritis and can also be given to younger dogs to prevent them from developing joint pain as they grow older.


This is not the only joint supplement for dogs available. There are many others like the Doggie Dailies Glucosamine for Dogs that comes with a bottle of 225 soft chews and has more than 2000 customer reviews to date. It also contains glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM and can help improve mobility and ease the discomfort of your dog’s joint pain.

Its unique blend helps reduce any inflammation your dog suffers from and helps lubricate joints and repair joint cartilage. One daily chew is all that’s needed to help increase your dog’s energy levels and help them improve and restore their lost mobility.

Final verdict

Considering all the features and benefits the Liquid Health K-9 Glucosamine supplement offers your dog, it’s worth trying it out if your dog has joint and mobility problems. It’s any way a supplement without significant side effects. It’s regular use will help rebuild and strengthen your dog’s joint cartilage for pain relief and comfort.

While there are other supplements you can consider giving your dog like the Doggie Dailies Glucosamine for dogs, some dogs may not like chews but prefer the liquid K9 supplement. Besides, liquid supplements are quickly absorbed by your dog, and as the chews are not consistently sized, there’s no consistency in the amount of medication each chew provides your dog.

So if you are looking for a supplement that helps restore your dog’s joint mobility or if you plan to give your young dog a supplement just a preventive measure, then the K9 Liquid Glucosamine is a worthy supplement. However, just like any other supplement and medication, it’s better to first consult your veterinarian before starting it, especially if your dog already has health problems.

Osteo-Pet Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs 32 oz Review

Osteo-Pet Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs

Does your dog find it difficult moving around? Are you worried about his lethargy? If yes, you needn’t be as Osteo-Pet Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs can help him. He’s most probably suffering from osteoarthritis; something even dogs suffer from like us humans. Osteo-Pet helps by rebuilding and renewing the injured hip and joint cartilage that triggers the pain and discomfort.

Tasty bacon-flavoured liquid

Your dog won’t even realise he’s taking a supplement. Osteo-Pet is in liquid form that can be poured over his food to enjoy and is also bacon-flavoured. And the dosage chamber that accompanies the supplement makes measuring and pouring the required amount of liquid so easy without creating messes or using any cups.

Natural formula

Osteo-Pet is a perfect, natural combination of glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, Aloe Vera extract, MSM, Omega 3 fatty acids and much more. They collectively work at repairing, lubricating and supporting your dog’s hips and joints.

Recommended by veterinarians

Osteo-Pet is made using natural and quality ingredients that veterinarians recommend for providing relief to your dog’s pain and discomfort. Its formula gives your dog with various essential elements that work collectively to restore joint tissue so that his mobility is preserved while protecting your dog against arthritis and hip dysplasia.

Safe to use

Glucosamine is the essential ingredient in the formula and has been successfully and safely used on dogs for more than two decades. And as it’s in the liquid form, it is better absorbed than other tablet joint supplements. Besides, the supplement and all other Osteo-Pet goods are manufactured in the USA under stringent management following exceptional manufacturing practices.

Comes with a 60-day guarantee

As not many dogs dislike Osteo-Pet, the company confidently offers a 100% unquestioned 60-day money-back warranty for it. So if in the rare case you are unsatisfied or if there’s not much improvement in your dog’s health after giving it Osteo-Pet, you can return and ask for an unquestioned full refund.

How its ingredients work

The ingredients in Osteo-Pet collectively work at building cartilage tissue and repairing your dog’s hips and joints. Its Glucosamine Hydrochloride is essential for restoring joint cartilage; the chondroitin sulphate is a glycosaminoglycan that helps collagen retain water for improved cushioning, and the Aloe Vera extract prevents joint inflammation.

The additional Hyaluronic acid or hyaluronan is a primary component of synovial fluid and a joint lubricating ingredient while the Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a building block of many tissues including cartilage.


  • Rebuilds and renews dogs’ joint cartilage
  • Contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin sulphate, MSM, Aloe Vera Extract, Omega 3 Fatty acids and more
  • Provides the right lubrication and cushioning of joints and surrounding tissues
  • Designed and recommended by veterinarians
  • Glucosamine has safely been used for twenty years, and the body better absorbs the liquid form


  • Helps provide relief from osteoarthritis by repairing and renewing injured joint and hip cartilage
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Made in the USA
  • Tasty bacon-flavour giving more reason for dogs to enjoy
  • Liquid form pours easily into food for convenient consumption
  • Comes with a dosage chamber for easy measurement and dispensing of the supplement without any messes
  • Glucosamine helps make and repair joint cartilage
  • Chondroitin sulphate provides cartilage with resistance to compression
  • MSM is a building block of many tissues like cartilage
  • Hyaluronic acid is an important joint lubricant
  • Aloe Vera extract prevents joint inflammation


  • Some dogs react to the product by getting diarrhoea
  • The measurement chamber markings is in different units than the recommended dosages which can be confusing


If you notice your dog limping, slowing down in movements, finding it difficult climbing steps or tends to sleep for prolonged periods, then perhaps your dog is suffering from joint pain or osteoarthritis.

While there is no cure for the condition, Osteo-Pet is a great joint supplement that provides relief by rebuilding and repairing your dog’s injured joint cartilage.

Its unique blend of glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid and Aloe Vera extract is clinically proven at helping improve joint ailments and rebuilding your dog’s joint cartilage. And as the supplement is in liquid form, it’s much easier to give to your dog than pills as you just have to pour it over his food.


Of course, Osteo-Pet is not the only joint supplement in the market. Many other brands are also quite popular like the Natural Hip and Joint supplement for dogs by TerraMax that has to date more than 1200 customer reviews.

This is also a liquid glucosamine based joint supplement with other tissue repairing ingredients like chondroitin sulphate and MSM. It is also safe to use and is made in the USA using best human grade ingredients. And as it’s in the liquid form, it’s easy to administer to your dog and quickly absorbed.

Final Verdict

Despite having so many joint supplements for dogs available, looking at the features, pros and cons of Osteo-Pet Liquid Glucosamine for dogs, it seems like the perfect pain relief option for your dog’s joint problems.

The supplement not only repairs but also rebuilds your dog’s cartilage tissue for improved cushioning and reduced friction at the joints. All this, in turn, reduces the pain and discomfort of your dog.

The joint supplement from TerraMax is also in the liquid form and made in the USA. However, Osteo-Pet has the edge over it in the fact that it is bacon flavoured. This is a plus point that proves helpful at making fussy dogs eat the supplement.

And if you compare costs, you will also notice that the Osteo-Pet supplement is a comparatively cheaper option. The company can afford to quote lower prices as they sell directly to the consumer without any third party intervention. And if you compare Osteo-Pet with other brands, all their supplements are made using ingredients sourced from America and not from countries like China and India.

The Osteo-Pet joint supplement thus seems to be perfect for your dog. However, like any other supplement, it’s crucial that you first consult with your doctor before you start giving it to your dog, especially if your dog suffers from other conditions like diabetes.

Benefits of Turmeric for Dogs

It may seem unusual giving your dog turmeric, however, the benefits of turmeric for dogs are many. Several herbs are not considered normal for pet use, but turmeric has been shown to provide so many health benefits to the canine friend. These include joint pain and memory issues your dog may experience in its old age.

The benefits of turmeric for dogs

  • Pain: it is no secret that all dogs are susceptible to developing arthritis. Turmeric is one herb that can help manage this condition due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It is at the top of the list of all natural remedies for stiff joints.
  • Blood clots: the curcumin in this herb is a blood thinner making it an essential component for minimizing risks for blood clots and reducing the levels of cholesterol. Even though the cholesterol in dogs is not an issue in dogs as much as it affects humans, but can lead to heart problems.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS): curcumin also plays a role in stimulating bile production which aids in proper food digestion as it helps break down dietary fats for optimum absorption. Underweight, nursing or pregnant dogs require more fat, therefore, turmeric can help in reaching this requirement.
  • Cancer: There are studies that show that turmeric could play a role in fighting cancer in dogs. Its antioxidant properties help prevent the development of cancer in dogs and is known to shut down the blood vessels feeding cancer cells.
  • Dementia: dogs suffering from this memory loss condition can benefit from using turmeric in their diet.

The Top 3 Turmeric for Dogs Options on the Market

1) Amazing Turmeric for Dogs Curcumin Pet Antioxidant, 120 Chews
This pet antioxidant is excellent for dogs. It tastes great and is made into small chewable tablets that your dog will love. The tablets are beef and bacon flavoured to be used as dog treats. It is recommended for dogs with sensitive stomachs who hate pills. The tablet includes vitamins, probiotics, Omega 3 oil, chondroitin, glucosamine and does not require any refrigeration.

The turmeric for dogs product is made in the USA, has no allergies and is 100% safe for your dog. If your dog is prone to allergies, then this is the best source of turmeric. It contains no corn, wheat, grains, soy, crab, shrimp, gluten, eggs, potato or shark.

The custom formulation provides full nutritional value to your little puppies or adult dogs. Make your dog healthy and feel good with this chewable turmeric anti-oxidant supplement for healthy liver, heart, brain and joints. It will treat inflammation, pain, rheumatoid arthritis and hip dysplasia relief for the dog. Give your dog this supplement for total wellness and immune support for all dog ages.
It is easy to adjust dosage based on the weight of the animal and the condition you want to treat. In case there is no significant improvement in the health if your dog after 28 days, you will get a full refund and you still get to keep the bottle.

The 120 tablets bottle is available for a limited time offer of $50.

2) All-Natural Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs
This turmeric for dogs supplement is made of human grade ingredients making it very safe for the canine. It contains organic turmeric, chondroitin, glucosamine, and MSM in a chewable tablet in a beef flavor. This gives your dog a lovely treat while helping improve its health. Even the dogs which hate tablets will love this one due to the flavor.

This supplement helps revitalize the dog’s cartilage and joint. The glucosamine helps in repair and support of cartilage and joints, therefore, helping in the retention of flexibility. MSM in the tablet soothes inflammations and brings pain relief for dogs with arthritis. This formulation is backed by science to improve the health of dogs holistically. It detoxifies the liver, improves heart health and relieves allergies. It also kills parasites and treats stomach conditions while helping in weight management.

This product has 100% money back guarantee. In case it does not show benefits to your dog as hoped, you can get your full payment back. The turmeric for dogs supplements bottle costs between $55 and $65 retail.

3) Turmeric Hip & Joint Complex for Dogs with Glucosamine
For an even smaller cost, you can get the bottle containing 120 chewable tablets of turmeric for dogs supplement. It has a customized formula that carefully combines the age old curcumin turmeric with chondroitin, MSM, and glucosamine to provide your dog with the best relief from pain and discomfort. It offers anti-inflammatory and antioxidant help to the dog’s body for improved joint health and relief from arthritis pain therefore significantly improving the mobility for the dog. The formulation aids in cartilage and joint strength and relief of hip dysplasia among other joint conditions.

The tablets are safe for puppies adult and old dogs as it is vet approved. Their beef and liver flavor makes them easy to chew, and the dog will enjoy taking them even if they hate tablets.

Why Buy a Dog Harness? A Comprehensive Comparison

dog in a harness

When pet owners search for the perfect dog harness for their pets they take into account a number of factors. Does your dog pull when walking? If your dog is a “puller”, then you know the importance of having the proper dog harness so that you do not end up getting dragged around.

If your dog is leashed trained and does not pull, conventional harnesses will work fine but you want something that will be comfortable for the animal. Unfortunately, not all harnesses are created equal when it comes to comfort. When choosing a harness for your pet, it is extremely important to measure the animal correctly and get the right size. All too many times if the harness is too snug it will cut into the chest and under the front legs. Sores can and will develop if the harness is not checked regularly. All dog harnesses should be checked daily when being put on your pet. A dog harness with good adjustment straps is a must if your dog will be spending a lot of time in it.

Measuring for the Dog Harness

dog harnessWhen fitting your dog for a harness, use a cloth measuring tape. If you do not have a cloth measuring tape there is a simple trick. Use a piece of string or yarn. When using the string method be sure that the string does not stretch. You want the most accurate measurement you can obtain. First, you will want to measure the girth area. The girth area is the widest area on your dog’s chest. Find the widest part right behind the front legs and measure around the girth. Once you get the measurement be sure to write it down. The next area to measure is your dog’s neck. Once again, write the measurement down. These are the measurements you will need when choosing the harness size. If your dog will not stay still for the measuring try to get someone to help you. Trying to measure a frisky pup can be a battle like no other. If you do not end up in a knot the pup may be running around with the measuring tape in his mouth.

Different manufacturers will use different measurements, so be sure to read what is required. Some will have you add two inches to the girth while others will take the true measurement size.

Let’s have a look at a couple of well-known harnesses and compare the two.

 The Blueberry Summer Hope Harness

Blueberry Pet is well-known for their harnesses. This company gets rave reviews from the customers, and the workmanship is great. The Blueberry Summer Hope harnesses will last a long time and comfortable for the dog.  This harness is made with reflective material and comes in four different colors. Colors available are fluorescent green, orange, pink and yellow.

Neoprene harness has 3M reflective material so that vehicles can see your pet. These harnesses are great for those who like to walk their pets after dark or before the sun comes up. Perfect for the owner and pet who love to jog together.

  • Extra padding is used where the harness touches the neck and chest area. The extra padding keeps the dog comfortable and does not cut into the skin.
  • Extra padding in the chest area diminishes the chance of injury to the diaphragm.
  • Ring near logo area is for identification or charms. No leash should be attached here.
  • Leash ring is large for fast leash attachment.
  • Harness and collar are sold separately.
  • Accurate measurement is a must for proper fit.
  • Harness is able to breathe for a comfortable fit.
  • Girth straps make for easy fit adjustments.
  • Harness snaps at sides so there is no having to get the pets feet through the holes in the front. Great for skittish dogs.

All-in-all the Blueberry Pet Summer Hope 3M Reflective No Pull Neoprene Padded Harness is a wonderful harness for the dogs in your life. The only drawback was if you have a dog that really pulls the control isn’t the best. If you are looking for a harness for better pull control this may not be the one you are looking for. Yes, the chest is padded but the pet can still pull with force making it hard to control the animal. If you have a dog that does not pull you along, this product is highly recommended.

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

This harness is made by the company PetSafe. PetSafe does make quality pet care items and has always received outstanding reviews from pet owners. As many of us dog owners know if you are walking a dog that pulls it can get tiring quick. There are also those dogs who will spook very easily and bolt. Of course, a dog that pulls constantly can wear down the owner quickly. By the time the walk is finished you may feel like you have attempted a marathon and your arms and shoulders may hurt.

The Easy Walk Harness by PetSafe is a high-quality harness that is specifically developed to help the pulling associated with walking your dog. Unlike a choke collar or other means of trying to diminish pulling while walking, the PetSafe Easy Walk Harness is a gentle guidance. Many times a person will buy a choke collar in desperation to be able to take the dog for a walk. There is no need to resort to shocking or choking a dog to get him/her to stop pulling.

Harness that Guides

The Easy Walk Harness gently guides your dog into a circle that steers the dog back towards you. Once the dog is at your side you can then again begin the walking.

  • Constructed with nylon, the product is soft and strong.
  • Gently pulls your dog back around towards you.
  • No having to inflict pain on your fur baby.
  • Snap buckles are on the shoulder straps AND belly straps. No having to wrestle your dog to get the legs into the front holes.
  • Adjustable snap buckles allows for a great fit on all pressure points.
  • Soft nylon does not cut into the skin.

Product is available in a wide variety of colors for all types of dogs. Again, be sure to measure your dog correctly. If you have sizing question the PetSafe website has a size guard.

After testing this harness on a 50-pound puppy that is extremely skittish, I fell in love. Pup and I are able to take long walks without me having to worry about getting yanked. I no longer have to be afraid of cars driving by and the risk of her pulling and getting away from me.

Another great factor is the company has made the belly strap a different color so there is no fumbling to put the product on. Align the harness, snap the buckles together and off you go.

For those who want to end the misery and pulling when trying to walk their dogs, this is the way to go! PetSafe has come to my rescue and I am sure a lot of other dog owners rescue. Walks are now enjoyable and stress-free.

In conclusion: The Blueberry Pet Summer Hope 3M Reflective No Pull Neoprene Padded Dog Harness VS. PetSafe Easy Walk Harness were great products to review. Both companies make high-quality pet products that serve particular purposes. Although I did not get the control over the pulling with The Blueberry Pet Summer Hope 3M Reflective No Pull Neoprene Padded Dog Harness, I certainly love it for jogging with my older (better trained) pooch. I highly recommend both of these products for the fur babies.

Side Note: Because of the way the PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness is constructed when you are not walking your pup take the harness off. For those dogs that are vigorous chewers, they are able to get their mouth under the chest area and is chewed through within minutes. If your dog does chew through the harness call customer service at PetSafe and the harness can be replaced for a small fee.

Zukes’s Mini Naturals Healthy Moist Dog Training Treats

PROS: Made from real meat without corn, wheat or soy. These treats are great when training and dogs love the taste. Zukes’s Mini Naturals Healthy Moist Dog Training Treats are available in a variety of flavors with real duck, wild rabbit, roasted pork and more.

CONS: If you are adding treats to your dog’s diet for weight gain these are not the treats to use. Each Zukes’s Mini Naturals Healthy Moist Dog Training Treats contains 3.5 calories.

As with any training treat, be sure to introduce into the diet slowly. Dogs with sensitive stomachs have shown reactions to the new training treats being introduced. Most common side effects were bouts of diarrhea.


Dogs are the most faithful and loyal animals, they spread happiness and eradicate distress, anxiety, and feeling of loneliness. They make people feel wanted and cherished. Dogs are one of the most valuable and devoted companions, they keep their handlers guarded against the dangers and in return, all they ask for is a show of love and care. The two most popular animals kept in the western region are dogs and cats, it was reported that in 2013 the number of pets grew and they outnumbered a number of children.

Dogs wag their tales, not their toothbrushes. However, just like humans, dogs also tend to suffer from dental conditions such as plaque, tartar, and bacteria which find shelter in their mouths when not removed. If plaque is converted into tartar then it leads to other painful issues like bleeding and inflamed gums that can be unimaginably painful. Tartar and plaque can also lead to periodontal diseases.

By using products like dog chews and treats you can improve the dental health of your animal. It is a proved fact that cleaning of pet’s mouth becomes much easier for the handler after giving them products like chews and treats rather than brushing their teeth. Chews and treats can offer the most purifying advantage; your pooch ought to spend around 30 minutes gnawing, every day, for the greatest tooth-cleansing experience. Make sure if your pup is chewing on one thing for very long and it becomes smaller, always stay alert as it can be a source of choking if neglected.

It has been said that animals belonging to smaller breed does not benefit from the treats and chews necessarily; this is due to the stacked or crowded bite. Smaller dogs tend to have more hiding spots than the bigger breeds. So no matter how long and hard these creatures munch on that chew they will never be able to get a complete tooth cleansing advantage as there will be some places left in the mouth which will not be able to get treated.

Taking care of your beloved animal’s health and hygiene should always be the number one priority of possessor because they do not only need love and shelter but good physical condition too. Dogs are required to be treated as family; if you love your dog dearly then you must feel the pain and distress they may go through while suffering from oral problems. Nowadays this problem can easily be solved with chews and treats. If you want to improve your dog’s dental hygiene then your prayers have been answered because Zukes’s Mini Natural Health Moist Training Treats will do it for you without hassle. It is one of the highly recommended dental treat choices by the professional vets. These treats will not only help in cleansing the mouth but will also boost your dog’s energy that was actually the whole purpose behind the invention of this product.

Zukes’s Mini Natural Health Moist Dog Training Treats

The creation of this product was based by taking inspiration from the founders dog. back in 195namedman name Patrick and his most loyal companion, his pet dog Zuke went for hiking in Colorado Mountains. According to Patrick his canine creature was highly energetic and loved adventures but during their hike his dog started getting tired so what Patrick did was he took a piece of his protein bar and gave it to Zuke. That was the moment when it dawned on Patrick that there should be something similarly healthy for the dogs as well and that is what lead to establishment of this healthy product.

If you want to treat your carnivores with something that they will love to munch on then Zukes’s are the right choice for you. These treats are not only healthy but are also very advantageous and tasty. They have no wheat, soy, corn, artificial flavors but they have all the right elements in it for example it has health advantages of a salmon, pork, duck and peanut butter along with other appetizing flavors that will lure your dog into eating more and more. The treats are very low on calories; each treat has no more than 3.5 calories. These treats help in training your dog hale and hearty, not only it helps in staying pet healthy but will also keep the creature waistline slim.


The ingredients used in this product are listed below.

  • Peanut Butter
  • Ground Rice
  • Ground Barley
  • Malted Barley
  • Gelatin
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Tapioca, Natural Flavors
  • Cherries
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Lecithin
  • Salt
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Rosemary, Turmeric
  • Sorbic Acid (a preservative)
  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
  • Mixed Tocopherols
  • Vitamin E Supplement
  • Zinc Proteinate

All the ingredients are essential to make this special product and with the help of these components your pet stays healthy and fit. Most importantly these ingredients are easily digestible hence it does not even have a bad affect on their appetite. This natural product is one of the most advantageous foodstuffs invented till date. 

Customer Reviews

The customers that have already used the product have given it a 4.5 star rating. Zuke’s has managed to satisfy people with its effectiveness. One of the customers has claimed it to be a life saver and has helped her so much during the time of her dog’s training. She stated that the innovative and delicious flavors of these treats are now her dog’s favorite. She suggested the other users about a technique to keep them fresh, according to her if the bag is kept closed tightly. However if they come in contact with dry air then a moistened paper will restore its original condition.


The product is available on sale on Amazon in affordable rates; it is available in just $8.79. The best part about it is that there is a limited time offer on Amazon that lets you have this product shipped for free to your doorstep if the order placed goes beyond $49. The offer cannot get any better than this, so what are you waiting for, place your order as soon as possible because the offer may run out and you would not want to miss the chance of free shipment.

Trader Joe’s Glucosamine Chondroitin Review

For dog owners in search of a great glucosamine medication for your dog, for healthy and powerful joints, the Trader Joe’s Glucosamine Chondroitin is a great option. It not only provides additional daily support for your pet, it also helps with cartilage strength and joint health, for easy movement.

These are not only a good choice for the picky dog, that is looking for great taste, it is also the ideal option for the pet owner that is looking for a much cheaper option for the chewable supplements, which are far more expensive, and will do the same job as these tabs.

Trader Joe’s Glucosamine Chondroitin – Pros:

These are some great tablets for dogs. There are many great benefits you are going to notice from the start. Some of these are:

  • Ease of movement, and less pain around the joints. Especially for elder dogs, or those with arthritic pain, the supplement is going to target the areas your dog most feels pain and will help make them more mobile. The great taste is something that the dog is going to enjoy, so they are not going to be very difficult to feed the dog, especially if you had issues with other tablets you have used in the past.
  • They are affordable. In comparison to other top name brand tablets, you are going to receive the same dosage and a powerful supplement, yet you are not going to pay as much as you might have with other tabs you have tried for your dog in the past.
  • All natural ingredients, so you know exactly what your dog is consuming, and you are going to notice an immediate change.

Trader Joe’s Glucosamine Chondroitin – Cons:

Just like other products you may have tried, with Trader Joe’s Glucosamine Chondroitin, there are certain drawbacks you should be aware of as well. Some of these are:

  • The recommended dosage might not be sufficient. Also, you have to know your dog’s weight, in order to ensure you give them enough. The recommended dosage is for smaller dogs; so, if you do not notice an improvement with larger dogs, you have to check the dosage, to ensure it is sufficient for your dog.
  • There are mixed reviews on the effectiveness of this product. So, depending on what you have tried in the past, it may or may not help your dog with joint and bone pain.
  • It is not going to work the same for all breeds, and for larger dogs, you will have to use a larger dosage, in order to see the effects and to truly realize if it is a powerful enough supplement for your dog.

Certain consumers have stated that their dogs did not react to the supplement; whether it is the dosage or the use, there are certainly mixed reactions to this supplement, in comparison to other supplements available. Although it does work in most cases, certain customers claim it was not powerful enough and did not provide the pain relief for their dogs, as others claimed it did.

Final Verdict:

For a lower price than most medications and good reviews for the most part, for lighter dogs, and owners with a smaller breed dog, this might be a good choice supplement. It is potent, and the low price tag will be appealing to owners who have tried pricier brands.

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